The Energy Bus for Schools



Niki Spears, Co-Founder

Jon Gordon, Author of The Energy Bus


Imagine …

Imagine walking into your school where positive administrators work together with inspired educators to develop positive student leaders. Imagine your students, teachers, and principals sharing leadership and responsibility for building a dynamic and positively contagious school culture. Imagine a proven model and framework that reduces, removes and transforms the negativity prevalent in education into a positively energizing, mission-driven growth experience for your students, teachers, staff and families. Imagine engaged students, staff, teachers, and administrators working together and sharing common language and best practices that help sustain a positive learning culture.


The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey (EBSLJ) is a transformational, multiyear approach for schools to create and sustain a positive school culture and develop positive school leaders. Research clearly shows that culture and leadership greatly influence a school’s learning environment and students’ academic success.

That’s why we work hand in hand with you to create a school culture where school leaders, students and educators develop in their positive leadership together. We are serious about results but also help you have fun and share positive energy in the process. We believe in enjoying the ride and hope you do too!

Positive school climates are linked to increased high school graduation rates, turnarounds in low-performing schools, reduced school violence, and increased communication among students, families and faculty.


How the Journey Started

The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey is based on the principles of the mega best seller The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. It was established in July 2016 when Niki Spears, a school administrator approached Jon Gordon with an idea to bring his positive and infectious story to schools as a way to help principals, teachers, staff and students create a positive school culture and develop as positive leaders. Ms. Spears left her job as a school principal to create and implement The Energy Bus for Schools framework starting with 5 Model Campuses.

She currently works with school leaders around the country helping to build positive school culture. With new schools joining every week, the positive energy is spreading and becoming a movement that is transforming negativity in schools and developing positive leaders for our future.

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Our mission is to inspire and develop leaders - students & educators - who positively impact schools, families, communities, and the world!


To live and share our mission EBSLJ provides:

  • Training, coaching, and consulting for your entire staff on building and sustaining a positive school culture through the power of shared leadership.

  • Share strategies to develop positive educators who develop positive student leaders.

  • Empower children at every level, starting in elementary school, to become positive leaders.

  • Deliver proven success principles and best practices from The Energy Bus.

It’s A Leadership Journey
That Benefits Everyone!