Join the Journey 

The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey (EBSLJ) is a transformational, multi- year approach for schools to create and sustain a positive school culture and develop positive school leaders. Research clearly shows that culture and leadership greatly influence a schools’ learning environment and students’ academic success. That’s why we work hand in hand with you to create a school culture where school leaders, students and educators develop in their positive leadership together. We are serious about results but also help you have fun and share positive energy in the process. We believe in enjoying the ride and hope you do too!


Step 1:

Prepare your team to board The Energy Bus


Step 2:
Positive Educator Training

1-day training for teachers/staff


Step 3:

Contact us to discuss how we can get your team prepared to board the Energy Bus! Each school is different, therefore, our team will create a plan that fits your individual needs. It’s a Leadership Journey that benefits everyone!

What are Parents, Teachers,
Students, and Principals Saying?