18 Jan
We Have A Dream

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 88th birthday.  Each year our nation celebrates Dr. King’s life and legacy by taking one day to stop and reflect on our own lives and what we are doing to impact our communities; our world.  Dr. King believed that all men were created equally and strongly upheld the notion that one day all people would be treated with value and esteem. Even in the most difficult times, Dr. King held tight to his convictions and vision of a world free of racism and discrimination. Dr. King knew that his thoughts were powerful and the words he spoke were like seeds that pollinated the atmosphere – touching the hearts and minds of others that desired the same outcome.  Although the world that Dr. King viewed with his own eyes was a community of vicious racist acts with words of hatred echoing in the background, Dr. King pushed forward with nothing in hand but his voice and his dream to help create a world of peace and fairness for all.

Now forty-nine years after Dr. King’s death we stand witness to his dream and his vision of the world. We observe his dream every day in our schools and in our communities as we watch teachers and students of all races and nationalities learning and sharing their individual contributions to help create a better future for all. Like Dr. King, we all have dreams. And even though we are challenged by the fact that we must help “all” children reach their full potential, Dr. King’s dream and his mission should remind us that all things are possible.

At The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey We have a dream of creating positive schools that develop positive leaders who will positively impact families, communities, and the world!

We have a dream that every person, regardless of age, will view themselves as the drivers of their bus, creating a positive vision for where they want to go.

We dream of a world where there is no blaming or complaining, but a world filled with people who take action to get the results they desire.

We have a dream that every school will promote leadership at all levels [including students, teachers, staff and families] so that all people see their true value and self-worth.

We have a dream today!

And when this happens- all schools and communities around the world will combine our talents and resources to create collaborative, capable, and positive world that upholds the idea that:

Our sole purpose on this earth is to serve. To leave this world (and the people in it) better than we found it. To uplift one another’s spirit and share JOY with those around us.

Will you join us on The JOURNEY?

Happy MLK Day,