The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Tour

Recommended for Principals, Assistant Principals, Superintendents, and aspiring school leaders

Join us for this one and a half-day training where you will discover what the power of positive leadership can do in your school. You will learn proven principles, ideas, and strategies to improve your school culture, build a positive staff and develop positive student and teacher leaders.

As part of this special experience you will:

  • Engage in exercises that will help you and your team focus on the core areas to build and sustain positive school culture.
  • Use our Positive Culture Framework to make important decisions related to improving your school culture.

Your Trainers: Niki & Kermit Spears

Niki is a former principal, educator, change leader and Co-Founder of The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey; Kermit is a Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of experience. This dynamic duo has teamed up to share the power of positive leadership in schools as they prepare to tour around the country and share proven strategies that will transform classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.

What attendees are saying…

“You will have the opportunity to gain new ideas and strategies to implement on campus the very next day!”

“This workshop not only provided valuable information but motivated me to shift my mindset and take action! Thank you!”

“I think the most powerful part I remember was allowing the vision and mission to guide your journey rather”