02 Dec
Take a Ride on The Energy Bus!

The Energy Bus is an international best-selling book by Jon Gordon that reinvigorates, inspires, and motivates its readers to overcome negativity, disappointment, and everyday challenges.  It also reinforces the importance of a positive outlook, in school, at work, and at home.

Out of FIVE schools in the COUNTRY, Keystone Elementary was chosen to be an “Energy Bus for Schools” model. KES Principal Maura Neville states, “When I first read the book, I thought his message of positivity was so powerful. Too often, we forget to “drive our own bus” and succumb to negative outside influences. By reading the book, I learned to “enjoy the ride,” because we are not promised anything past today. I wanted to find a way to incorporate these ideas into the lives of our students, and that was when I found out there was a children’s book. I emailed the Energy Bus for Schools organization, seeking curriculum resources, but found much more!!  This past summer, Niki Spears, an organizational leader, started the movement to create positive schools across the country and spread the book’s message. What started out as me emailing an inquiry for curriculum resources turned into me forming a bond with Spears, first by email and then by phone. This bond then led to KES being selected as one of the model campuses!”

The principles of The Energy Bus for Schools will be implemented at the Elementary School in a variety of ways.  After reading the book to students, teachers had them make goals for Open House. They also introduced Kindness Cards and are presently filling a bus with them. Along with these initiatives, Tickets of Appreciation, a parent series, special activities, and celebrations are being held as well.

Neville concludes, “I’m looking to bring the “light” back in children. This is my 20th year in education, and each year I see less and less kids come to school with a twinkle in their eye. Kids today have many stresses that children in the past did not have and with these stresses comes anxiety and sadness. I want children to know they can drive their own bus and focus on the good they have in their lives. No one has a perfect life, but everyone has something to be thankful for, and I’m hoping the 5 principles in the children’s book can help kids remember that.”

To learn more about The Energy Bus, attend our parent series this Thursday, Sept 29 from 6-7:30pm in the KES Café.  Learn with us as we drive our own bus and bring back the positive in our lives!

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