15 May
Staying Positive in the Final Days!

YES! YES! YES! You made it! The final few weeks of school have finally arrived! But where is all the excitement? Where is the JOY? As you reach the final stretch of the school year, sometimes it’s hard to find JOY on the Journey as you are busy with end of year testing, finishing up grades / report cards, getting students ready for the next year (while still operating in the present year) and many other responsibilities.

In the final days of the school year, it’s important more than ever to remember that You are the Driver of your Bus and it’s your responsibility (no matter your title or level in the organization) to spread and share positivity.

Here are just a few ways to celebrate all of your team’s success this year!

  1. Celebrate the positive things that happened this year.
    It’s always a great idea to remind people of their accomplishments as you close out the school year. Hang a large sheet of chart paper in a common area and invite team members to stop by and post one accomplishment they’ve had this year that makes them proud. Read a couple over the intercom or during morning announcements.
  1. Principals – grab a cart and get ready to “Love Your Passengers”!
    Fill a cart with a few treats such as breakfast bars, bottled water, orange juice, coffee, or other snacks and travel around to each classroom making a special delivery to your wonderful teachers and staff. This is a great way to remind them of how much they are appreciated! *Adding music to your cart is also a great way to uplift spirits and spread positive energy.
  1. Post a Quote!
    Ask team members to write or print out their favorite quote and post it on another team members door. Positive messages are always a fun, inspirational way to spread positivity.
  1. Student Presentations/Skits!
    Have students work on group projects or skits. Invite other classes to experience their performances. This is a fun way for students to reinforce their learning while giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well-done!
  1. Get adults/students up and moving!
    Whether you do jumping jacks, take 1-2 minute breaks between activities, or play music. Releasing energy is an awesome way to spread energy.
  1. Take advantage of Flexible Learning Areas.

Every area of a school community should be a place of learning. Take your math or science class in the hallway of the school or outdoors. Extending learning beyond the walls of the classroom can be refreshing and gives everyone a change of scenery.

  1. Student Teachers
    Each day assigns different students to teach a lesson they’ve learned this year. Another great way for students to showcase their learning!
  1. Fuel Someone’s Ride with Positive Energy
    Take sticky notes and invite teachers and students to write kind messages to their peers. Receiving a positive message can make a person’s day!
  1. Create a Learning Journal!
    Have students reflect on their learning this past year. Each day pose questions that will provide opportunities for them to share the knowledge they’ve gained this year. Here are a few questions to get you started.
  • What was your best experience this year? Why?
  • In what area/subject did you improve the most? How did you accomplish this?
  • What was the hardest thing for you this year? How did you overcome this challenge?
  • What goals would you like to pursue for next year?
  • What steps will you take to reach these goals?
  • What are you most excited about for the next school year?
  1. Want more positivity- bring it!
    Be innovative and use your own creativity to find ways to celebrate the year and have fun!

Sending lots of positive energy your way,

Niki Spears,
Chief Energy Officer of The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey