02 Dec
Rocky Creek Elementary boards Energy Bus

A bus isn’t merely a way to get to school at Rocky Creek Elementary anymore. Positive reinforcement and accountability will be frequent “passengers” at RCES, as the school is one of only five schools nationwide selected for the 2016 Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey.

The goal is to “transform the educational experience and create a positive, energizing environment where students and teachers can learn, lead and grow,” according to Jon Gordon, author of “The Energy Bus.”

The Energy Bus principles, such as “Drive with purpose” and “Love your passengers,” show students and teachers how to become positive leaders and how to motivate others to take on leadership roles.

On the journey to becoming a certified Energy Bus School, RCES embarked on a multi-year approach to creating and sustaining a positive school culture through shared leadership.

“Shared Leadership takes into account the fact that every person in the school community is a leader,” Principal Brenda Nichols said.

Students set academic and behavioral goals for themselves and monitor their progress throughout the year with data logs.

“We believe these date logs are a crucial component in helping students become self-directed individuals, who will achieve academic and behavioral success at Rocky Creek and beyond,” Nichols added.

Another key component is creating a positive school culture at RCES. By “fueling” classrooms with positivity, teachers empower their students to be impactful leaders in their school, community and the world.

RCES teachers celebrate successes big and small in their classrooms and on social media. The school holds a Positive Energy Pep Rally each month and listens to student feedback provided during morning and afternoon meetings.

Nichols is excited to see what the future holds for RCES, its students and its staff.

“Becoming the first model school in the Southeast affords us the opportunity to customize the framework and have it meet the needs of our culture,” Nichols said.

“The principles that will be shared during this journey will help students and adults become self-directed and hold themselves more accountable for their success and the success of others.”

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