01 Feb
Letting people share their gifts and strengths is real love

Letting people share their gifts and strengths is real love. And by loving them and by you helping them find their gold they will shine and so will you. – The Energy Bus 

All of us want to experience love, we long to feel a secure, unbiased connection with others that leaves us with a sensation of JOY. Many times JOY is short-lived because we tend to put more focus on how to receive love rather than cultivating love from within. This is one reason it’s so important that we learn to love ourselves before we can give love or receive love from others. 

In The Energy Bus, Joy shares with George that 

The more love you put out the more that comes back to you. And when your team [and students] knows you love them and feel the love from you they will want to stay on your bus wherever it goes. So enthusiasm gets them excited about being on your bus, but love is what keeps them on the bus (p. 116, para 1).

So where does this thing called love begin and how do we sustain this loving, joyful feeling throughout each day of our lives so that we can share it with those that are on our journey?

When we enter this world as young infants, we arrive with a spirit of love. But something begins to shape our young minds early in life, we begin to express ourselves in sometimes undesirable ways- and we start to hear that dreaded word No! We then begin to internalize the dislike for the unwanted behaviors that we display as a lack of love or dislike for our personal self. Our young minds are not capable of separating the fact that the adult figures in our lives dislike the behavior, rather than us, the person. We take the dislike or rejection personally.

This leads to us trying to please those adult figures in our lives so that we may experience more rewards and praise for good behavior so that we may ultimately feel what we believe to be is love and acceptance.

So, when we think of love, and experiencing more love, we must re-evaluate the meaning of love and how to cultivate more love in our own lives. One way we can do that is to Live Out a Valued Existence, meaning Drive with Purpose every day, keeping our why at the forefront of all that we do! 

Every person on this earth is blessed with gifts that are meant to be shared with others- by sharing those gifts and allowing others to share theirs, we are ultimately cultivating love.

Once you have fueled your personal ride with love and positive energy, you are now ready to share love with others. Below are 5 Ways to Love Your Passengers that comes from The Energy Bus:

1. Make Time for Them

2. Listen to Them

3. Recognize Them

4. Serve Them

5. Bring out the Best in Them

As we get ready to enter the month of February we hope that you will join us in our Love Your Passengers Campaign (see information below) as take the time to show love to ourselves so that we can spread love and kindness to others throughout our schools, districts, homes, and communities. 

Sending lots of love and positive energy your way,

 Niki Spears,
The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey