24 Apr
Join the Journey. Make a Difference!

In July 2016, just a little under a year ago, Jon and I launched  The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey  We shared a vision of helping schools create and sustain positive culture and with the help of our 5 model schools and their principals- Bethany Hill, Brenda Nichols, Jennifer Risinger, Jama Bennett, and Maura Neville, we were able to make this dream a reality.

In a very short time, our Energy Bus for Schools family has grown from 5 campuses and expanded across the country to more than 50 schools and districts.  We don’t attribute the success of our journey to ourselves, but to the work and the vision of all  our schools who embrace the idea that positive culture, positive leaders, positive students, and positive families equal positive outcomes!

We have extended our application process to bring on more schools for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you are interested in joining our mission and transforming your school culture, join The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey today!  You can request an application and information by emailing energybusschools@jongordon.com.

It’s a journey that benefits everyone!

Please welcome our new schools below!
In 2016 we started with 5 model certified schools.

  1. Central Elementary (Cabot, AR) Principal Bethany Hill
  2. Rocky Creek Elementary (Lexington, SC) Principal Brenda Nichols
  3. J.T. Alton Middle School (Vine Grove, KY), Principal Jama Bennett
  4. Central Athens Elementary (Athens, TX) , Principal Jennifer Risinger
  5. Keystone Elementary (Lagrange, OH), Principal Maura Neville

We’re excited to announce that the following schools and districts are joining the journey to receive training and become Certified Energy Bus Schools for 2017-2018 (** This is not our final list, as we are still reviewing applications)

  1. Clifdale Elementary (Spartanburg, SC) Principal Windy Hodge
  2. Hidden Hills Elementary, Academy of Technology (Laguna Niguel, CA) Principal Pam Sawyer
  3. Star City School District
  4. Jimmy Brown Elementary (Star City, AR) Principal Wendy James and Jacob Lanehart
  5. Star City Middle (Star City, AR) Principal Gina Richard
  6. Star City High (Star City, AR) Principal Mike Walker
  7. Manchester City School District
  8. College Street Elementary (Manchester, TN) Principal Tom Jacobs
  9. Westwood Elementary (Manchester, TN) Principal Melissa Glenn
  10. Westwood Middle (Manchester, TN) Principal Chad Fletcher
  11. Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts (Chester, SC) Principal Ruth Anne Pitt
  12. Gold Arrow Camp (Lakeshore, CA) Director Audrey “Sunshine” Monke
  13. Hilliard City Schools
  14. Ridgewood Elementary (Hilliard, OH) Kevin Buchman
  15. Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School (Hilliard, OH) Principal Lauren Schmidt
  16. Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School (San Antonio, TX) Principal Sue Gary
  17. Little Rock School Disrict (Little Rock, AR) Superintendent Michael Poore
  18. Romine Elementary School (Little Rock, AR), Principal Suzanne Proctor
  19. Western Hills Elementary School (Little Rock, AR), Principal Teresa Richardson
  20. England Elementary School (England, AR), Principal Brandi Williams
  21. Crestwood Elementary School (Tampa, FL), Principal Diane Sanchez
  22. Pulaski County Special School District, Superintendent Jerry Guess
  23. Pinewood Elementary School (Jacksonville, AR), Principal Karen Norton
  24. Dupree Elementary School (Jacksonville, AR) Jamie Reed
  25. Crosby Independent School District (Crosby, TX) Superintendent Keith Moore
  26. Crosby Elementary School (Crosby, TX), Principal Christy Erb
  27. Crosby Kindergarten (Crosby, TX), Principal Jennifer Roach
  28. Abe Hubert Elementary School (Garden City, KS), Principal Martha Darter
  29. Willis Hare Elementary School (Jackson, NC), Principal Kimberly Scott
  30. Madison Elementary School (Janesville, WI) Principal Stephanie Filter
  31. Regis Catholic Schools (Eau Claire, WI), President Mark Gobler
  32. Regis Child Development Centers ( Eau Claire, WI), Administrator Gayle Flaig
  33. Immaculate Conception Elementary (Eau Claire, WI), Principal Renee Cassidy
  34. St. James Elementary (Eau Claire, WI), Principal Kelly Mechelke
  35. St. Mary’s Elementary (Eau Claire, WI), Principal Kelly Mechelke
  36. Regis Middle School (Eau Claire, WI), Principal Paul Pedersen
  37. Regis High School (Eau Claire, WI), Principal Paul Pedersen
  38. Trumann School District (Trumann, AR) Superintendent Myra Graham
  39. Trumann High School (Trumann, AR) Principal Michelle Waymire
  40. Trumann Intermediate School (Trumann, AR) Principal Josh Byard
  41. Cedar Park Elementary School (Trumann, AR) Principal Michael Allen
  42. Hardin County School District (Elizabethtown, KY) Superintendent Teresa Morgan
  43. Heartland Elementary School (Elizabethtown, KY) Principal Emily Campbell
  44. ** JT Alton Elementary School (Elizabethtown, KY) Jama Bennett (listed above with our first 5 campuses)
  45. Conway School District (Conway, AR) Superintendent Greg Murray
  46. Florence Mattison Elementary School (Conway, AR) Principal Stacy DeFoor
  47. Ida Burns Elementary School (Conway, AR) Principal Cindy Thacker
  48. Theodore Jones Elementary School (Conway, AR) Principal Tammy Woosley
  49. Crockett Elementary School (Crockett, TX) Principal Olivia Ballesteros

If you are interested in joining the journey please email http://energybusschools.com/connect/  for application and information.