Energy Bus Schools

In a world where negativity pervades our education system and schools, we have created a proven model based the book The Energy Bus where positive administrators work together with inspired educators to develop positive student leaders who together create a dynamic and contagious school culture.

With all the talk about ways to transform education we know this: it starts with leadership. A positive, strong and effective school administrator will create a great school. In this spirit, our mission is to work with school leaders and teachers to transform the educational experience and create a positive, energizing environment where students and teachers can learn, lead and grow.

As we kick off this important initiative we have had schools that have joined from all over the country. 

In 2016 we started with 5 model certified schools.

  1. Central Elementary (Cabot, AR) Principal Bethany Hill
  2. Rocky Creek Elementary (Lexington, SC) Principal Brenda Nichols
  3. J.T. Alton Middle School (Vine Grove, KY), Principal Jama Bennett
  4. Central Athens Elementary (Athens, TX) , Principal Jennifer Risinger
  5. Keystone Elementary (Lagrange, OH), Principal Maura Neville

I’m excited to announce that the following schools and districts are joining the journey to receive training and become Certified Energy Bus Schools for 2017-2018.

  1. Clifdale Elementary (Spartanburg, SC) Principal Windy Hodge
  2. Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School (Hilliard, OH) Principal Kevin Buchman
  3. Hidden Hills Elementary, Academy of Technology (Laguna Niguel, CA) Principal Pam Sawyer
  4. Star City School District
  5. Jimmy Brown Elementary (Star City, AR) Principal Wendy James and Jacob Lanehart
  6. Star City Middle (Star City, AR) Principal Gina Richard
  7. Star City High (Star City, AR) Principal Mike Walker
  8. Manchester City School District
  9. College Street Elementary (Manchester, TN) Principal Tom Jacobs
  10. Westwood Elementary (Manchester, TN) Principal Melissa Glenn
  11. Westwood Middle (Manchester, TN) Principal Chad Fletcher
  12. Chester Park Elementary School of the Arts (Chester, SC) Principal Ruth Anne Pitt
  13. Gold Arrow Camp (Lakeshore, CA) Director Audrey “Sunshine” Monke

We are currently taking applications for the 2017-2018 school years to become a Certified Energy Bus School.

If you are interested in joining the journey please contact Niki Spears, our Co-Founder and Chief Energy Officer for application and information, by email: or through our connect page

Please be sure to follow Energy Bus for Schools on Facebook and Twitter for updates from our campuses and to watch how this initiative impacts culture and learning.

Did you miss our webinar?

We recently had a LIVE webinar facilitated by Jon Gordon and featuring our Certified Energy Bus School Principals. Listen and Learn how The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey is transforming school culture across the country!