22 Dec
Driving with Purpose

This month we introduce Principle #3: Drive With Purpose. Now that we are in the Driver’s Seat and we know where we are going (vision) it’s time to reflect on our personal WHY.

What are you passionate about? What brings a smile to your face? What matters most to you?  All of these questions are meant to help you refocus your attention to your desires where you feel most purposeful.

As a principal, we often participated in exercises that would help them reconnect with their purpose. I recall one activity in which we had the opportunity to reflect on our Why (or purpose for becoming an educator) and write it on a brown paper bag. Several team members were invited to stand and present their Why as they related it back to a memorable experience that impacted their life in some way or another. It was amazing to observe how this simple exercise energized our team and got us excited about starting another year.

Today- reflect on your Why. Does it influence those around you to do more? But more importantly- does it inspire you to do more? Why or Why not?

With something to think about. Make it a great week or not. The choice is yours.